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Here, There, Elsewhere: Dialogues On Location and Mobility

Here, There, Elsewhere: Dialogues On Location and Mobility


We live in an age of increased mobility. The circulation of people, culture and commodities forms the hub of our global culture, but where does this freedom take us?

In this collection of essays, artists and writers unpack and argue ideas surrounding the presumed benefits of mobility. Through art works, photo essays, autobiography and cultural theory, contributors question the pleasure of travel and the desire to move, relocate, or adopt new identities and lifestyles. The resulting multi-faceted collection takes us on a journey encompassing Hong Kong’s ‘Californian’ housing communities, Romania’s ‘faux’ migrants, the cultural politics of food, flights of fancy, the home, hybridity, paradise and Switzerland’s Goa Party scene. In examining how travel both defines and erodes identity, this book prompts us to ask when does freedom from location become dislocation; the ability to escape an inability to belong?