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Past Golden

Past Golden


This small, visually unassuming and intriguing book is the result of several months spent in India. Blamey was drawn there by the hand-made quality and variation produced by printing techniques, which he wanted to celebrate but not mimic. The hammered aluminium slipcase with a screen-printed label is immediately suggestive of Indian hand-craft and use of recycled materials. The deep yellow of the page edges and title lettering refer to the colour of the spice turmeric. The text, in English with Hindi transliteration, conveys the reader on a tour marked out by phrases from local street advertising. Juxtaposed, the single phrases propose their own darkly humorous meanings. Framed on each page is a facsimile of a leaf from Blamey’s notebooks. The simple drawings have a quality of the commonplace found object, just beyond recognition. Past Golden is a material product, a literal record and an intimately personal impression of a particular place.